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2018 Scout Square Maintenance Schedule

2018 Flag Duty Schedule

TroopMonthCompleted By
367MayBetween 12th and 19th
79JuneBetween 2nd and 9th
4JuneBetween 16th and 23th
23JulyBetween 7th and 14th
69JulyBetween 21st and 28th
93AugustBetween 4th and 11th
96AugustBetween 18th and 25th
226SeptemberBetween 8th and 15th
320OctoberBetween 6th and 13th
1JanuaryPost Sale Cleanup - 13th or 14th

Training Videos

  • Flags are in Jim Sharp’s Cleaners, which is located on Hwy 31 next to the Honey Baked Ham store.  His phone number is 822-4686. 
  • Jim Sharp will meet the troops at any time to hand out or take in flags.  Please call Jim about a week in advance so he can make arrangements to meet you there.
  • Pole Trailer (ball size 2 inches).  There is a lock on the trailer, you need to get the key from Jim Sharp ahead of time.
  • Remember to notify the Vestavia Hills Police department 3-4 days in advance of activity so they can provide an escort while the flags are being placed or removed.  (Eddie Crimm @ 978-0119).
  • There are approximately 125 flags.  The flag positions are marked with white traffic paint on the north side of Hwy 31.  There is a sleeve at any point where you see two lines together that look like the number 11.  Do not put any flags where there is an “X” marked on the highway.
  • NOTE:  There are about 20 flag positions on Columbiana Road in the green section across from the “old Winn Dixie” shopping center.  Please have someone from your troop go and take a look at these prior to putting up the flags.  It will make putting up the flags a lot easier if the positions are known beforehand.  They are marked the same as Hwy 31.  
  • Submit your Flag Duty Report to John Patterson within 30 days.

Memorial Day795/26/2018696/2/2018
Flag Day1106/9/2018966/16/2018
4th of July236/30/20182267/7/2018
Labor Day & 9/11939/1/20183679/15/2018
Veterans Day411/3/201832011/10/2018